Water Events (windsurfing,SUP,kayak)and themes to enjoy in Cyprus..!

NIMIA TRAVEL & TOURS acts as an agent for promoting small groups who provide several themes and events during visiting Cyprus:

  • Windsurfing Lessons & Hire

What’s involved…?Ask anyone coming in from the water, and they all say the same; windsurfing is a fantastic sport. From crude, specialist beginnings the sport has grown in practicality, safety and scope over the passing seasons to become a watersport that is many things to many people. Whether you are ripping up the surf in lines of perfect swell, cruising effortlessly through the water punctuated with the odd long floaty jump, or powering through some of the most athletic and technical of unhooked freestyle moves, windsurfing has a lot to offer every rider.

Learning:There are many different ways to learn, top of the list must be a lesson, which although not essential will save you a lot of messing around, and stop you from picking up any bad habits which could impede your future progress.

Learning to windsurf can be extremely easy; the starting point is getting the right kit. Kit choice is critical, so if you are buying your own kit, make sure you understand what you are buying and seek professional advice if possible. There is a lot on the market that is unsuitable for the beginner or intermediate where as some designs are easy, safe and offer performance you will never outgrow.

Lessons:Windsurfing has never been as easy to learn. The spot at Sailing Club in Larnaca is perfect for learning and progressing.Modern lightweight wide style boards are used, light monofilm sails and carbon reduced diameter masts… Struggling to uphaul is a thing of the past! There is  a range of equipment to suit all ages and sizes depending on the weather conditions. Too small a sail or board can be just as difficult to learn with as equipment that is too big for the conditions.

Learning Steps:First on the dry land simulator to learn the basics and then onto the water. Most people at the end of their first hour session can uphaul, turn the board around and sail across the wind and back. All equipment is provided.

Progressing:Similar to taking driving lessons, once you have had your first lesson, you will want to either continue with structured learning or you may want to practise with board hire until you feel you want more coaching, or you may want to do both! You may feel you just want to go and buy some kit and get on with it yourself!

Individual Lesonss:coaches can help you from your first steps on the board as a beginner right through to advanced techniques such as waterstarting and carve gybing. These sessions are more flexible to arrange and so the chances of having favourable wind conditions for the level you wish are more likely.

Price list whereas benefit 10% discount for all lessons booked through our web site. contacting us

Equipment is provided or you can use your own.