Hotel room booking five start,Larnaca,CyprusCyprus due to her location enables locals and visitors to enjoy cruises to Egypt, Israel  and Greek islands all gifted with a fusion of history, culture,sun, sea and relax destinations.Take this opportunity during your staying in Cyprus and enjoy a relaxing cruise from Limassol port to these beautifull plcaces.


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10 Tips for Finding the Cruise that’s Right for You

1) What’s your style? Every cruise line has a different style.

2) Choose your timing wisely to get a deal. January to March is the busiest booking period for cruises,where cruise lines make 35% of their annual sales and offer the best deals.

3) Keep the season in mind.Warmer climates are generally offered year-round.

4) How long do you want to go for? A general rule – the longer and more expensive the cruise, the older the clientele.

5) Budget is key. Make sure to factor those into your budget when planning your cruise. Option  for an inside cabin for even more savings.

6) Are you nauseous? The larger the ship, the less chances are that you might be seasick. Try an inside cabin in the middle of the ship, where there is less movement to avoid nausea.

7) When do we eat? Choose a cruise that fits your dining style. Food is never lacking on a cruise ship.

8) Known when to go. School holidays and holiday times mean a ship full of children; off-season is quieter and you’ll often get a better deal.

9) Size matters. Smaller ships mean less crowded and less popular ports of call where you can discover ‘off-the-beaten-path’ gems.

10) Check your itinerary. Be sure to pick a cruise that fits with your preferences.


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