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Please tell us how was your trip, what was your family’s impressions, what did you like most, what did you didn’t like.

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  • A few days before …approximately on the 02nd of May 2016 we had a review on Google Map saying that our office booked and charged a credit card of the specific person writing the review whereas, Nimia travel did not commit any booking and did not charge the visa of this person.. and she has never been a client of Nimia Travel …We are trying hardly to contact her to resolve this review, but unfortunately there is no respond…Nevertheless further action will be taken to resolve this untrue review.

贾得巍   this is the person that wrote the review and if somebody knows her pls ask her to contact us…贾得巍


  • Knut Jørgen Nonstad Mr  (09Mar Sat9.16am)                                                                  Comment concerns the 3day tailor made excursion that took place at 18/02/2014-20/02/14 organized by NIMIA TRAVEL.

”We, seven Norwegian long-stay tourists, took a trip from Larnaka, through Troodos Mountains, Phafos and Limasol. Nimia planned and arranged the trip.  They gave us a fine experience. A pleasant driver/guide, full of knowledge of the Island led us thrugh facinating and dramatic landscape, cosy villages and interesting wineries. We can from Our hearts recommend Nimia Tours for planning trips around the island of Cyprus.”

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